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New Vehicle Activated Speed Sign

The new Barham Parish Council Chairman, Darren Milward, proudly shows off the new Vehicle Activated Speed Sign.  Suffolk County Councillor John Field is pleased to also be involved and has generously agreed to give funding of £2000 towards the sign.  The new sign will register and show the speed which a vehicle is travelling and if travelling over 30mph will flash SLOW DOWN.    A Bluetooth Data Collection Unit has also been purchased, so that the Parish Council can download and analyse speed data.  The sign is currently located in the 30mph area, by the junction of Norwich Road and Church Lane.  But the Parish Council is hoping to have a further post located at the opposite end of the village so that the sign can alternate.  

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River Gipping Trust, New Bridge & Footpath

14 October 2020

Barham Parish Council are delighted to support the River Gipping Trust (RGT).  The RGT is in the process of restoring part of the footpath upstream of Baylham Mill to its original position along the river’s towpath. This includes the re-establishment of a footbridge not used for around 70 years. The primary objective is to improve the walking experience of those that use the Gipping Way.

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Parish Councillor Vacancies

9 October 2020


 Barham has 3 vacancies on the Parish Council to fill

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