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River Gipping Trust, New Bridge & Footpath

14 October 2020

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Barham Parish Council are delighted to support the River Gipping Trust (RGT).  The RGT is in the process of restoring part of the footpath upstream of Baylham Mill to its original position along the river’s towpath. This includes the re-establishment of a footbridge not used for around 70 years. The primary objective is to improve the walking experience of those that use the Gipping Way.

The RGT has got the permission of the two current land owners for a permissive footpath that puts it back to the towpath. Walkers will again be able to walk alongside nearly a mile of the river not seen by the general public for nearly 70 years. This will totally remove all the problems associated with the old footpath along the railway line and walkers will get a much better view of the mill at Baylham. The path will be approximately two metres wide and the aim is to make it wheelchair friendly.

What makes this project really exciting is that the ‘new’ bridge across the river will be reinstated on 230 year old brick bridge abutments. The footbridge will be 2m wide and be installed by RGT volunteers. The Trust would very much welcome any contributions towards the material cost of the footbridge https://rivergippingtrust.org.uk/. Progress photos can also be seen on the Trusts Facebook page, search ‘river Gipping trust’.


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