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The following is a list of Council Members and their responsibilities, whilst every endeavor is made to keep the list updated responsibilities can change or overlap.


Barham Parish Council Members

Councillor Telephone Planning Committee Finance Committee
Cllr Darren Milward - Chairman 01473 830891 Yes  Yes 
Cllr Neil Cooper 01449 760493 Yes   
Cllr Jeremy Lea 01473 831311   Yes
Cllr Wayne Allan 01473 831973    
Cllr Frances Millward 01473 830891  Yes  

3 Vacancies available for councillors to join


Council Members Responsibilities

Activity Representatives
Barham Green Residents Group   
Parish Liaison/MSDC Meetings  
Village Hall  
Community Centre Wayne Allan
Recreation Ground Wayne Allan
Suffolk Association of Local Councils   
Babergy East, Police & Parish Forum Jeremy Lea
Planning Sub Committee  Neil Cooper, Frances Milward & Darren Milward)
Finance Committee

Jeremy Lea & Darren Milward